Episode 1

No, not Star Wars. A little while back I wrote a 25 minute experimental pilot. It is not as yet a fully developed concept but I think there are some good ideas. It is an adaptation of two web episodes I wrote a while back that never seemed to reach fruition. A lot of the time a finished script will never eventuate into any other type of medium. That is the life of a screenwriter. You hand your baby over and cut the cord. Unless you are planning to also direct (and possibly produce) you have no control over the finished product. It is a tough but common reality.

Synopsis: Vegas Run

Following the brutal murder of her sister, disgruntled cop Vegas Domino leaves the police force and enters the city’s seedy underworld in a bid to find her sister’s killer. Along the way she meets Dean, a kind hearted but violent young man and together they work for mob boss ‘Big Bad Ray’ running errands and solving ‘problems’. Vegas must suspend her moral code and use every ounce of toughness to survive her violent new world and track down the man responsible for her sister’s death.

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